vim support?

Under Consideration Daniel T. Comments: 1 Reply 46 days ago by Maximilian S.
3 votes

select multiple collections or databases at a time for copy paste

Under Consideration Mahesh B. Comments: 4 Reply 53 days ago by Mahesh B.
1 vote

Ports not accepted with `mongodb+srv` URIs'

In Progress Amit P. Comments: 1 Reply 7 months ago by qinghai (.
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Intellisense is not working

In Progress Daniel B. Comments: 2 Reply 7 months ago by Daniel B.
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Cannot edit documents in the Result tab

Answered Pascal H. Comments: 1 Reply 24 hours ago by qinghai (.
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JSON View as default

Answered Artem I. Comments: 2 Reply 47 days ago by Tomer S.
2 votes

Copy or Cut current line

Answered Rajesh R. Comments: 1 Reply 48 days ago by qinghai (.
1 vote

Option to remove comments "/* 3 */" from the results pane

Answered Cézar A. Comments: 4 Reply 3 months ago by 张娜
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couldn't install again nosqlbooster

Answered Richard A. Comments: 1 Reply 4 months ago by qinghai (.
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