Enable long binary value to copy and view

Completed Anatolii T. Comments: 6 Reply 5 days ago by Anatolii T.
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Font Size

Completed Leo L. Comments: 5 Reply 2 months ago by Sayantan D.
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Several result views when executing script with several queries

Under Consideration Sergey B. Comments: 5 Reply 8 months ago by Lymber
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Keyboard friendly tree views

Completed Johan Comments: 10 Reply 9 months ago by qinghai (.
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Cannot Reproduce Nate H. Comments: 1 Reply 16 days ago by qinghai (.
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Not working with macOS Catalina

Solved Davis K. Comments: 3 Reply 17 days ago by qinghai (.
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While duplicating collection, process runs forever

Cannot Reproduce Chessbase I. Comments: 1 Reply 38 days ago by qinghai (.
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Export to JSON, BSON, CSV fails

Solved Daniel G. Comments: 21 Reply 42 days ago by qinghai (.
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