Store My Queries in database?

GCam shared this idea 3 years ago

I use NoSQLBooster across several machines and I have stored queries on each of those machines.

Would it be possible to add an optopn to store My Queries in the database itself rather than on the local machine? That way I'd always have all my queries available on every machine.


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"My Queries" is saved in a normal file directory, and you can share it remotely or add it to the git repository in order to share it on multiple computers. You can find the directory through the right-click menu item->"Open Containing Folder in File Explorer..."



Thanks, but that is NOT a seemless process. It involves going into a shell and manually running git commands, And if you forget to do a push on one machine then the latest scripts aren't available in the repository. If the scripts are able to be stored in a db collection then they're always upto data everywhere.

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