Shortcut for save changes in Edit field value/type dialog

Dmitry D. shared this idea 6 years ago
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It will be useful to have the shortcut Ctrl+Enter to save changes in the Edit field value/type dialog.

The same logiс as to run script in the shell.

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I see it's done in the 3.1.2 release, thank you.

But after Ctrl+Enter is pressed document tree collapses if it was expanded before.

Also document tree loses focus.

The task is to navigate on document tree, to edit fields and save changes using only keyboard.


Could you tell me your OS and provide more detailed steps?



Windows 10 en x64.


1 I have list of documents

2 In the results treeview expand any one, choose any field, select Edit Field value |Type

3 In the opened dialog press Ctrl+Enter after modifying

4 Document, expanded on the step 2 is collapsed

5 Results treeview window lost focus

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