Scroll consistency on refresh

Dmitry Eroshenko shared this idea 4 years ago

1) json view scroll on refresh:

In JSON View when I click Refresh - cursor position goes one line up without reason.

2) table view scroll on refresh:

In Table View when I refresh list scrolls up. So, if I want to refresh some record in middle of list

and click Refresh - I have to scroll down again to find the record. This behavior if different from JSON View.

3) tree view scroll on refresh:

In Tree View when I refresh the list, it scrolls to position near selected record, selected record goes to bottom of viewport.

So, as you see scrolling on refresh works different for each Display Type.

I think it should work the same as it will make better UX.

For example - keep scrolling position for all display types on refresh.

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We have worked out a new test build to resolve the JSON/table view refresh issue. Please download and give it a try.




Resolved in 5.2.7

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