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node packages manager - script executing time

Michael de Wal shared this idea 6 years ago
Under Consideration


first of all thank you so much for this awesome application, it saved our behinds more than once now.

I recently discovered that I was able to add node packages to the application by installing them inside the Mongobooster install directory. However it's not clear from the outset that this is even possible and opens up so many options.

My suggestion is to make a packages manager inside the application where it will be easier to add packages for usage.

The second suggestion is to have a checkbox at the bottom of the script window that states that the program will keep the script open for execution. This means that using async scripts shouldn't be a problem anymore. This implies that the console/print tab can handle async output as well.

The script executing could be triggered to stop by returning a certain value for example.

Keep it up with this awesome software!



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  1. Package manager: Good advice. we will consider it.
  2. async scripts:

MongoBooster has a build-in function await. It can await a promise or promise array.


  1. let birdPromise=require('bluebird');
  2. function sendSmsAsync(phone, message){ //promiseify sendSms
  3. return new birdPromise(function (resolve, reject) {
  4. sendSms(phone, message, (status)=>{
  5. resolve(status)
  6. })
  7. });
  8. }
  9. db.users.find({}).forEach((user) => {
  10. let status=await(sendSmsAsync(, "A short message")); //await a promise
  11. db.smsDeliveries.insert({status});
  12. });

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