Mongodb Atlas mongodb+srv connection fails timeout

Daniel Givoni shared this idea 3 years ago


i am migrating my existion db from mLab to mongoDB Atlas

from mLab my connection is fine - type: mongodb://

when i try connection to my new Atlas db with type: mongodb+srv:// it fails by time out

connection by Node.js is fine

connection by mongodb shell is fine

mongoBooster log:

17:25:48.459 *** Starting MongoClient.connect ***


17:26:40.581 *** Connect Error ***

{"code":"ETIMEOUT","errno":"ETIMEOUT","hostname":"","message":"querySrv ETIMEOUT","stack":"Error: querySrv ETIMEOUT\n at QueryReqWrap.onresolve [as oncomplete] (dns.js:197:19)","syscall":"querySrv"}

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this is my connection URI:



Can you confirm the permissions of your account and try to execute “show dbs” in mongo shell to see if the results are returned correctly?


I can confirm the same problem with Atlas.

@Daniel Givoni you can actually use the From URL button to import the mongodb+srv url


It should work with your database but the $external database will cause error popups on the bottom right forever.

I can never make the legacy URI work, it only shows $external and admin databases as your screenshot shows, which is not the database I told it to use. And I can use the nodejs MongoDB module to connect the database with the same URI.


Thank you for your feedback. Version 5.2.3 is a little out of date. Please download the latest version(5.1.12) and try again. I tried my own atlas server and it works well. If the latest version cannot be successfully connected, can you give me a temporary read-only test account? in order to solve this problem, I first need to reproduce the problem locally.



i successfully connected after restarting mongoBooster -thanx

i updated to 5.2.12 and all is good.

you can close issue

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