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Keyboard shortcut to select the contents within the quotes for editing

ozgur ekici shared this idea 7 years ago
Under Consideration

As an example I would like to select the contents within the quotes below which is "male.item_one"; and wanted to replace it with something else. The only way for me to select it now is with mouse drag. Similar to other IDEs, it would be great if there is a shortcut like CMD+SHIFT+UpArrow, when issued while the cursor is between the quotes, it selects the contents of the quotes. This will enable fast editing as typically during data mingling it is frequently needed to change the content of aggregate, find, distinct etc.

var my_pipeline = [

{$match: {"male.item_one": {$ne: null} }},

{$sort: {_id: -1}}



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Thank you for your feedback.

We will consider the "smart select" feature and try to implement it in the future update.

BTW: There is a shortcut "Ctrl-Shift-P": Select to matching bracket

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