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Joshua David shared this idea 6 years ago

I do frequent transfers of data -- including the entire database -- between connections. This typically happens when I need to transfer from one MongoDB instance to another (e.g., in order to re-create an issue).

It would be wonderful if we could EXPORT from one database directly to another, without having to worry about any IMPORT step or import/export related file creation. There might have to be a bunch of error handling (like a warning if the MongoDB instances are different enough versions) but otherwise it would seem to be mostly a task which could be well-automated.

Thank you -- your product is wonderful and I'm very glad I purchased it!

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Thank you for your feedback.

You can copy database between two mongodb instance with MongoBooster now.

  1. Connect two MongoDB Instance (one: source, second: destination)
  2. Select a source database from the source connection
  3. Press "CTRL+C" or Pop-up right-click menu and select "Copy Database"
  4. Select destination connection
  5. Press "CTRL+V" or Pop-up right-click menu and select "Paste Database"




Thank you very much!! I'm sorry if I missed this in your documentation... this is a tremendous help.


From a marketing perspective, this is one of your TOP features. You should be shouting this on your home page!

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