Allow copy-pasting a table to Excel

Markus Halttunen shared this idea 6 years ago

The table view for results is very convenient. However, if you select rows and the paste them, the results will be written in JSON. It would be very helpful to be able to paste the copied rows to Excel. If that is too much to ask, it would be helpful if the rows copied from a table would be in CSV so I can import them to Excel myself.

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There is a work around solution.

Export selected documents to CSV|TSV file.

  1. Hit Enter to run your query.
  2. Switch to table view and select multi rows
  3. Popup right-click menu
  4. Select "Export"->""Export to JSON, BSON, CSV|TSV and SQL (mongoexport not require)..." and Popup export dialog
  5. Change source to "Selected Document"


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