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Paweł shared this idea 21 months ago

Please add "Connection" as a possible choice for default template for naming tabs in "Options" -> "Editor Settings" -> "Editor Tab Name Format" option. It will allow to make tab names much simpler by default and fully configurable in editor (just change name of connection).

Maybe it would be even better to add "Collection@Connection" (or both) at it may allow to open tab with just connection name for whole connection, but including collection name if tab was opened for collection.

None of the current choices allows for tab names to be short and meaningful. With multiple tabs opened one needs to constantly scroll through tabs (which is slow due to animation) or rename them. Shortest possible default now is "Collection" which could be vague when connecting to multiple deployments (dev, prod, etc.) with same collection.

Current choices are:

  • Database@Connection
  • Database:Collection@Connection
  • Database:Collection
  • Collection

Please add:

  • Collection@Connection
  • Connection

First one should be sufficient (as "Collection" part would be probably not included when opening tab for connection)

Thank you!

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Thank you for your feedback. We will add the "Collection@Connection" tab format in the next update.

As for the “Connection" tab format, it seems a little strange, Can you explain under what circumstances you need to use it?


Thank you! You are right! "Connection" will not be needed. Adding "Collection@Connection" will solve it, because it will be reduced to "Connection" format actually when opening tab for whole connection or database in connection (Open Shell Tab for root or one item below in hierarchy in Open Connections pane). It works similarly now for example for "Database:Collection@Connection" where opening shell tab for the whole connection produces tab without collection in name (uses "Database@Connection" format).

Having just connection in the name is useful when connections often correspond to deployments with single database and the name of database is not desired for some reason, so it can be solved with connection name which will uniquely describe resource with flexible name. Collection name still will be visible in the query ("db.collection1.find()"), but will be added to tab name if one desires and opens shell tab from collection node in Open Connections pane.


OK, I understand. We will add "Connection" to the tab name format,


Resolved in 7.1.14

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