Windows client always using the first logged in user information for every login

mustafa kok shared this problem 6 years ago

I am using NoSQLBooster 4.3.1 on Windows. I can login to my MongoDB server with any user I have created. The problem is, NoSQLBooster always using the first user name and password for every login to the same server, until you restart the NoSQLBooster.

Test steps;

1-Create a connection, select basic authentication and enter valid user name-pass.

2-Save and connect.

3-Disconnect from the server.

4-Open connections window and edit authentication settings. You can do anything, even select "None" as the authentication option.

5-Save and connect.

6-It will connect to the server with the credentials of the previously logged in user.

7-The situation will not change until you restart NoSQLBooster.

It displays the new users name on the connection tree but it actually logins with the first user. Check the MongoDB logs to see which user information is used for this connection.

If you login with a admin user which has "root" role, then with a regular user or a user name that does not exists, you will still be able to everything that admin user can do.

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Thank you for your feedback.

We have worked out a test build to resolve this issue. Please download and give it a try.


It seems to be working now. I have a user-credentials chaos currently on my testing server but NoSQLBooster now does not login with the first user I have logged in. Thank you,


Fixed in version 4.5.0

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