Which ANSI SQL is supported - 16 or 32 bit? Which ODBC or JDBC standard is supported?

Jo Parry shared this question 5 years ago

We are currently evaluating a couple of connector tools for MongoDB. I have searched the website but I can't find certain details. Please can someone let me know which ANSI SQL is supported, and which ODBC/JDBC is supported.

Many thanks.

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NoSQLBooster is neither ODBC nor JDBC driver. NoSQLBooster for MongoDB is a shell-centric cross-platform desktop GUI tool for MongoDB v2.6-4.0. If you are looking for an ODBC/JDBC driver, please take a look at this website. http://mongodb-tools.com/

Select "Data Connector" in the purpose drop-down list


Thank you for the clarification and the link to the website. Some of the terminology has been wrapping me up in knots and it's difficult for a newbie to navigate through to the correct information. So thanks! :)

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