Use Booster as a library in a node application

Kfir Erez shared this question 5 years ago


Just started to use NoSQL Booster (moved from RoboMongo) and it is awesome.

I would also like to use your awesome SQL to mongo capabilities as a library/module inside my node application rather than using it only as editor.

How can I require Booster in my app?



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We don't provide SQL for MongoDB module for Node.js.

Currently, you can use SQL for MongoDB in the NoSQLBooster editor only. NoSQLBooster comes with query code generator that allows users to translate MongoDB queries (find, aggregate or SQL query) to various target languages: MongoDB Shell, JavaScript (Node.js), Java, C# and Python.

How to use query code generator?

1. Click "generate query code" button in the data view toolbar.


2. Press CMD+SHIFT+P (command palette) -> search "generate query code"

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