Sharding explain (visual tree) issues on NoSQLBooster 5.0 (Problem and IDEAS)

Lucas Soares shared this problem 5 years ago

I found several issues in the sharding visual tree explain:

1 - With several stages of explain, the view is being hidden by the background:


2 - Sharding explain don't have horizontal scroll:


3 - I think you guys need to think about the user experience of this green arrow. For example this last explain (the shard one) I clicked in a single green arrow and this was the result:


But the expected result (at least for me) is to collapse the node I clicked but remaining all other nodes, not the opposite. Currently I can't collapse a single shard, but only stages inside the shard explain itself. For example, how to collapse this stage:


I also can't go back to the entire tree after collapsing any node, I need to realod the entire explain:


For last, after uncollapsing all following nodes should uncollapse too, because currently I need to uncollapse many nodes if I "missclick" any green arrow.

I liked a lot this visual tree feature, but for user experience it can be better (expecially the green arrows).


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We have worked out a new build to resolve found issues from rc1. Please download and give it a try.


Resolved in 5.0.0

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