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read-only a persistent property of the saved connection

Craig shared this problem 5 years ago

I think it's a bug, but then again I think any surprising behavior to be a bug so this maybe just a difference of opinion.

To recreate the problem:

* Create a connection make sure you set it to be read-only in the connections editor. Save. Let's call it X. Close. That is now a property of the connection.

* Open connection X.

* Right click on that connect in the connection tree and toggle the read-only property to false.

* Right click again and disconnect that connection.

* Now, click on the "connect" button and select connection X.

* It now appears in the connection tree but it is not read-only.

I believe that behavior is a mistake. I believe it makes more sense, and is less dangerous, if toggling the read-only property on the connection from the connection tree only affects that *instance* of the connection, not the "global" (or uninstantiated) connection listed in the connections menu (button upper left corner). This is dangerous if you assume, like I think many would, that the next instance of that connection type you open would still be read-only.

My general philosophy for UI is "principle of least surprise". The UI should do something that surprises the user. It may not be intuitive because some actions are simply hard, but the UI should not surprise you. I think this does.


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Thank you for your feedback.

It is a behavior by design. Consistent with behavior "Mark with Color" and behavior "Show/Hide System Objects", the modifications on connection node right-click menu are global and persistent. And for fast connection (From URI...), there is no UI to modify its properties without saving, so we have designed such shortcuts. If you only want to temporarily change the read-only property, you can use the read-only lock of the toolbar at the top of the Code editor


I believe the right click on the connection instance is on that connection and should not be global. What if I have two of the same connection open--should the change modify both? I think the more intuitive expectation is, no. Since I'm right clicking on that connection instance I'm modifying that and not the global definition. But, we can agree to disagree and I can adapt. :-)



Ok, last message and then I'll go away. :-)

If right clicking is a global modification then a disconnect should disconnect all connections of that type. Currently if I have two connections of the same type and I disconnect one of them it does not disconnect both.

Anyway, I love the nosqlbooster. Great job on an extremely valuable tool. Also great job connecting and communicating with your user base! - Craig


Thank you. I think you make sense, it should only open a connection of the same type in the connection tree,

I will keep this issue open, and I'd also like to hear other people's opinions.

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