Not able to connect: TopologyId 425

Benny Purelku shared this problem 4 years ago
Cannot Reproduce

Our DBA restored from a backup into a dev server but a new port and for some reason we can't connect via NoSQLBooster. We are able to connect fine via Compass. Please help.

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From the limited information you have provided, I can't help you. If you're reporting a ­čÉ× bug, please make sure you include steps to reproduce it. If you have a connection error, can you give me the full connection error log information? You can click "test connection" button in the connection editor to get the log. The most important information is the options for the connection and the MongoDB URI. And please try the MongoDB URI with mongo shell or Compass? Does it work? You mentioned that Compass can work, can you provide connection configuration information for Compass?


And, provide the following information

  • NoSQLBooster Version
  • Operating System (Windows/Mac/Ubuntu)
  • MongoDB Version


My apologies on the lack of info on this issue/error but I figured out what my problem was: In Connection Editor -> Other Options I had an entry for Key=authMechanism and Value=PLAIN in it. Once I removed that, I was able to connect. I appreciate your prompt response on this. Thank you!

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