NoSQL Booster cannot connect to MongoDB on Windows

卓俊宏 shared this problem 5 years ago
Not a Problem

When I add new connection and test connection, it can work


But when I save this connection and connect, it cannot work


I have no idea what happened.

Use NoSQLBooster Version 4.7.4 on Windows 8.1

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Thank you for your feedback. From the error screenshot, It looks like we needs to add some defense code.

Does your server have any special configuration? What results do you get when you run db.runCommand({isMaster:1})?


I found our setting document.

port 27017 is router service and port 27000 is data service

I use port 27017 to connect at the beginning.

But when I change port 27000, test connection can work and can connect to server.

Thank you!!

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