Mongobooster creates too many connections on Atlas

Eric Desmars shared this problem 6 years ago


I have a paid version of mongobooster version 3.5.6

On our production database (3 replicas) that is hosted on Atlas we reached 350 connections all from mongobooster within 1 minute.

This lead to a crash of the application.

Is there any known issue about this ?

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Thank you for your feedback.

We reviewed the related code. There may be a potential error with db.close in the finally block.

I have worked out a new build to try to resolve it. could you please download and give it a try.


Had the same issue. Quitting the app, or Disconnecting from each hosts and then quitting the app left few:

mongobooster Helper /Applications/
running each time. The # of opened connections on our servers kept growing overtime.

With version (mongobooster-3.5.7-hotfix2.dmg), this behaviour is gone. All connections are properly closed.



Just observed the same but with rebranded version

/Applications/NoSQLBooster for left after what seemed to be a graceful client shutdown.

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