MOngobooster app crashes very frequently on osx sierra

Rohit Kumar shared this problem 6 years ago
Cannot Reproduce

I have been seeing a lot of crashes on mongoooster app (version : 3.5.1)on osx sierra 10.12.3. It usually happens in 2-3 hrs period when i leave it open with some tabs. After forsefully quitting it, i see a lot of mongobooster helper processes running (> 5). Please advise

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I and my colleagues tried a few times on osx sierra 10.12.3. But can not recall the issue.

If possible, could you give me the stable reproduce steps to recall the crash issue?


1) conect mongo db using ssh tunneling on any ec2 machine.

2) run some queries

3) leave the screen open with tabs for 1-2 hour.

4) open mongo booster from dock

Then it does not respond. I have to force quit it then. Also after quitting, i see lot of mongo booster processes. They are zombie.I have to manually close them.


I tried it. But still can not reproduce.

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