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It is not possible to copy raw string value from the document field.

Yaroslav Kihtan shared this problem 5 years ago

Hello, we have text lines stored in one of the document field.


"fieldName": "line 1\r\nline 2\r\n..."


A lot of them.

I did not found a way neither to view nor copy such values as a raw string - NOT a json-encoded string. Ctrl-C should do it IMHO.

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We announce version 5.0 rc1. In this major upgrade. we add more copy options. Ctrl+C will copy the raw string to the clipboard. Please download and give a try.


Thanks for the replay, that's work.

However it would be helpful to have a hotkey for such operation in TableView mode (this also requires an ability to select a cell, not just a full row).

[off topic]

1. All bitmap icons/images do not have a proper resolution for HDPI monitors - so look ugly.


(Windows 10, 4Kmonitor, 175% scale)

2. Tooltips are annoying. They are blink and hide data. Sometimes they are helpful, sometimes not. Consider to add an option for delay time and enable/disable with hotkey.

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