How can I get rid off ' NumberInt' statements in the results pane?

ozgur ekici shared this problem 6 years ago

I do not want to see:

- "numPts" : NumberInt("1")

I just want to see:

- "numPts" : 1

It is quite painful to filter out "NumberInt(" ")" prints if you just want to use the results and paste as json file.

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Currently, it is impossible. We will add an option to show Int32 as plain "numPts" : 1 in the next update.

Please note, if you execute the following mongo shell script,

db.testCollection.insert([{ int: 123 }]) ; //you want to an int32 value : 123


But you will get a double value, int : 123.0 (double)

To insert an int32 value. You have to write it as:

db.testCollection.insert([{ int: NumberInt("123")}]) ;


Resolved in 3.5.7

Turn off the following optionOptions -> Output Panel -> Result JSON View Format -> Show Int32 as NumberInt("xxx")


where can i found this panel options? in which website or application?

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