Hang when missing mongodump

Dawid Drozd (Gelldur) shared this problem 6 years ago
Cannot Reproduce

When I start dump in app but I don't have `mongodump` command simply all the time I see `Initializing...`

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1. Which version are you using?

2. Which OS are you using ? (Mac, Windows, Ubuntu)

And, Could you please give me the detailed steps and screenshot of error message to recall the issue?


1. Version 4.5.0

2. Manjaro Linux (a.k.a Arch)

Simply on my OS I install mongodb but without mongo-utils so when i type in console `mongodum` I get no such command.No in Booster I click on my database -> dump

Now I can't show screens because I simply install mongodump :)

I think you should only check is mongodump available ;)

Nothing super important

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