Free version cannot connect to MongoAtlas after update to 4.0.1

Fernando shared this question 6 years ago

You are using the free edition of MongoBooster and the "MongoDB SSL Connection" feature is disabled. Advanced features are paid-for only. Please consider purchasing a license to support future development. Thank you.

Will i be able to connect to Mongo Atlas with a personal licence? my free licence looks like it is no longer able to connect to atlas shard.

Thanks for the help.

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The MongoBooster V4 free edition is not able to connect to Mongo Atlas. The free edition does not support SSL connection after trial period has expired, this behavior is by design. MongoBooster 3.x free edition supports SSL connection, you can downgrade to 3.x to connect to Mongo Atlas.

Download page: Previous Releases 3.5.7

The MongoBooster V4 personal license is able to connect to Mongo Atlas, it supports SSL connection. Please note that the Personal Edition can't connect to MongoDB Enterprise Edition.

View feature comparison chart for free, personal and commercial editions/licenses.

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