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Ioannis Lazaridis shared this question 5 years ago

Can I somehow use a shortcut or write the name of my favorite snippet in order to be pasted in the editor automatically?

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I don't quite understand your needs, can you describe it in more detail?

And, You can always manually trigger code-complete with Ctrl-Shift-Space. Out of the box, Ctrl-Space, Alt-Space are acceptable triggers.


Currently, in order to select one of favorite scripts, I have to click to open the menu and then click on the snippet I need.

My thought was, since each snippet has a name, it would be great if by writing something like for example favorite:<title> it would be autocompleted it or a quicker way to use favorites with keyboard shortcuts.


If you are a paid-user or your trial period is not expired, typically, you only need to enter a few initial letters of the favorite snippet, and you’ll get the full template code.

Full code-complete functionality requires a valid license, if the trial period has been over, the feature will be banned, which may be why you think the feature is not available


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