Error after installation of NoSQLBooster 5.2.9

Mario Alberto Ortiz Carreño shared this problem 4 years ago
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After the Installation of the NoSQLBooster finished, it takes a long time to connect and I received the following screen:


I dont know what is the error. The MongoDB version I have installed is: 4.2.2

I tryed with version: 5.1.14 but it executed an update and the version 5.2.9 is installed, but the issue still presented.

The only version that is working properly is: 4.7.5 but when I tryed to connected with MongoDB it sent me the following error message:


Please help me to understand how to fix this error

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Please enable developer mode to collect information for diagnostics.

  • cd C:\Users\<USER>\AppData\Local\Programs\nosqlbooster4mongo
  • set NODE_ENV=dev
  • "NoSQLBooster for MongoDB.exe"


I followed your steps, but the folder is the following:

C:\Users\T1116MO\AppData\Local\nosqlbooster4mongo-updater in which I have the file installer.exe

The issue still continue, what is the next step?


If debug mode does not work. I'm not at all sure what the problem is. You can try to back up and delete the entire directory C:\Users\<USER>\AppData\Local\Programs\nosqlbooster4mongo, and then download and run the installation again.

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