Does noSQLBooster support any Business Intelligence connectors?

Jo Parry shared this question 5 years ago

We are currently evaluating a couple of connector tools for MongoDB. I have searched the website but I can't find certain details. Please can someone let me know whether noSQLBooster supports any BI connections eg for Tableau, Qlik.

Many thanks.

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NoSQLBooster is not a connector for MongoDB. NoSQLBooster is a shell-centric cross-platform desktop GUI for MongoDB v2.6-4.0. If you are looking for a connector, please take a look at this website.

Select "Data Connector" in the purpose drop-down list

And, the MongoDB company also has an official BI Connector, please refer to


Thank you for the clarification and the link to the website. Some of the terminology has been wrapping me up in knots and it's difficult for a newbie to navigate through to the correct information. So thanks! :)

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