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Valentin Uhrmeister shared this problem 5 years ago
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I'm connecting to a replica set with SSL. Connection is established properly. But after a while of inactivity it seems to be broken. No error message or so, but infinite loading indicator when trying to execute a statement or opening a collection. Same if I want to refresh the connection / database.

It's also not possible to just connect again since it's telling me "The connection already exists and you do not need to reconnect". Unfortunately I need to. So I first need to disconnect and then connect again. Following this procedure all open tabs are closed. Not very amusing.

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Thank you for your feedback.

  1. Which version are you using? NoSQLBooster 4.7?
  2. Which platform? Windows, Mac or Linux?
  3. Which MongoDB version? 3.6, 4.0?
  4. And, What's your MongoDB connection options? SocketTimeoutMs? KeepAlive or other? refer to:
  5. If possible, could you give me the detailed steps on how to reproduce the problem?


Thanks for your answer.

1. I am running the latest version, 4.7

2. Mac

3. 3.6.3

4. Authentication with User / PW; SSL with own root CA; No other options

5. Well, I connect to the database, open a new tab and executing one or more statements. As long as I continuously execute statements everything is fine. I can't tell you the exact time, but maybe after half an hour of inactivity it's not working anymore. I still see the collections and everything, it just shows a spinner for whatever action I do.

I can imagine that the loss of the connection is no issue with NoSQLBooster itself, I have the feeling that it happens with other tools, too. But they manage to reliably reconnect so I can continue working.


What might cause this issue is loss of internet connection or just the mac going in standby. Maybe you can check that. In that case there must be a better process to reconnect!


Any news on this?


I tested it with my MacBook+ version 4.7, but can't recall the issue.

We just released version 5.0. Could you please give it a try?

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