Connection Problem MongoDb 3.6.3, NoSqlBooster 5.1.2, Centos 7 Linux

Hendrik Oberheid shared this question 4 years ago

Dear Support,

I am a new user of NoSqlBooster.

I am trying to connect NoSqlBooster 5.1.2 (currently the free version, in principle interested to buy) to a MongoDb 3.6.3 but get no kind of response in the test connection process, it just times out. Have tried localhost and remote network server, both without any results.

I have no problems to connect the mongo shell, the MongoExplorer Plugin in PyCharm, or with pymongo in Python code, they all work fine.

It is a very basic connection, not even a password and on standard port 27017.

Can you help me how to diagnose the problem?

Many thanks,


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  1. Menu, File -> Connection... to open "Connections" list form.
  2. Select the target connection, click the "Edit" button to pop up the connection editor
  3. Click "Test Connection" to diagnose the connection problem


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