Can't use my private OpenSSH key

Adriano shared this question 4 years ago

I can't use any of my OpenSSH keys (macOS)

I also tried to generate several different types of keys with no success.

Can you post an example of ssh-keygen command line that creates a key valid to NoSQLBooster, please?

NoSQLBooster version 5.2.9. Licensed.

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Please refer to

BTW, NoSQLBooster's NodeJS version is 10.11.0 which does not support the Ed25519 key. Development/testing is done against OpenSSH (7.6 currently).


Thanks for your reply.

My keys were created by issuing the command ssh-keygen -t rsa. They don't work.

Can you give me an example key to test and the ssh-keygen command you used to generate it, please?


We don't have any detailed examples, we just follow the steps in the file above to generate the ssh key and test it.

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