cant move most dialoug boxes out of window!

Helmy ElGhandour shared this problem 4 years ago

In a multi-monitor setup it is very common to move windows from one monitor to another,

but for example if i try to move the "Connections" dialog window to another monitor it disappears

so is the case with many other dialog windows in the application

i know this is related to how the application is built using atom and chromium, but this issue is not there with some windows like "mongotop" and "mongostat"

can all dialog windows be like how "mongotop" and "mongostat" works

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As you said, NoSQLBooster is powered by electron(using chromium). The problem is a little more difficult than it looks. There are two reasons for this, one reason is that the communication between windows is more difficult, In electron, each window is a separate render process, the communication between the windows is inter-process communication, which increases the difficulty, and it do not support the modal window . Another reason is speed, opening a new standalone window is much slower than popping up a dialog inside a page.

For the above reasons, we are only using separate windows on tools that do not require interaction with the main window, all other cases use the dialog box in the main page.

We'll continue to study the issue and try to find a better solution.


would something like electron-modal ( make things easier to implement?

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