Booster is not working with User-Defined Roles

Elmars Kenigs shared this problem 5 years ago
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We are using MongoDB Atlas. We have a replica set with few databases inside. And we want to give limited access to our employees and for that, we are using User-Defined Roles in Atlas.

For example role:










When I'm trying to connect to a replica set with Booster I can't see databases and collections but I can see if I'm connecting with MongoDB Compass using the same user with the same role.


I can provide log file if needed.

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Thank you for your feedback.

It's hard and inefficient to locate bugs by guessing. In order to locate and solve the problem, I need to reproduce the problem locally. If possible, can you give me a temporary MongoDB URI and user account for testing so I can quickly reproduce the problem locally?

You can send it to my email address (

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