After entering a comma, an inappropriate autocomplete suggestion window displays

David Anderson shared this problem 5 years ago
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When I am typing in the query shell, many times when I hit a comma, a suggestion window containing:

  • constructor
  • toString
  • toLocalString
  • etc....

Is displayed, with 'constructor' highlighted. The problem is that most of the time I hit a comma, I want to hit enter to go to the next row and continue my list of fields. But because the 'constructor' is highlighted, hitting enter always selects it, making a very unnatural and inconvenient editing environment. Particular because I'm can't even thing of a scenario when a comma would ever be followed by 'constructor' or 'toString'. A period perhaps, but not a comma.

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1. Which version are you using? 4.7.4?

2. Which platform are you using? Windows, Mac or Linux?

3. Could you please give me a sample script to recall the issue? Or, give me a screenshot?

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