Specifying Column Order when Exporting CSV

Randy AufDerHeide shared this question 2 years ago

When exporting data as csv, is it possible to specify the column order?

It would make our import/exports into Google Sheets a lot easier.

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There is a work-around solution. NoSQLBooster can export query results. You can add field selection(.project) and sorting methods(.sort) to the query. You can also use the one-click projecting and one-click sorting operation to generate related query code. Then export the query to a CSV file.

BTW, you can export the dataset to excel and then use excel for field selection and sorting.


For example:

    .projection({  //select your columns
        name: 1,
        loves: 1,
        weight: 1,
        gender: 1
    .sort({ //sorting
        weight: -1,
        gender: -1


Thank you for the feedback. I don't think this addresses my concern but it may be because I wasn't clear.

When I export data, I need the fields/columns to be in a specific "position".

For example, when I export, I may want:

Field 1: Weight

Field 2: Gender

Field 3: DOB

Field 4: Name

and just to be clear, lets say I want another saved query to have the columns export like this:

Field 1: DOB

Field 2: Weight

Field 3: Gender

Field 4: Name

** I know some people might say you should do this in another app but if its possible to do it when I export the data, it makes things a lot easier.

Is this possible?


You can adjust the order of field exports through the projection method, and you can save the query or save it as a read-only view for later use.

            Dob: 1,
            Weight: 1,
            Gender: 1,
            Name: 1
      // .saveAsView("query_view")

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