UI freezing v7.0.5

Arno Reinhofer shared this problem 2 years ago

After running a simple find() query in the editor, the UI completely hangs and is not responding.

I made a video from that behaviour:


I'm using the free version 7.0.5 on a Windows 10 machine.

I already tried to click away all performance related options, didn't help.

I tried with different MongoDB clusters -> same problem

Another fact: If I run the script with CTRL+ENTER, the UI is fine until I hover over the first line!

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in the meantime I have an idea why this happened:

I copy/pasted a really really big script into the editor, with 50000 numbers in an $in clause.

And I think after that the editor was somehow broken. Although I deleted the cache, and all open tabs where closed.

After I deleted the AppData/Roaming folder, the same query is now OK again.


It may have something to do with the writing of historical scripts. We will add some defense code in future versions.

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