When trying to toggle the debbuger it open and closes - version 7.0.4

Vincent Croteau shared this problem 2 years ago
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When I'm trying to launch the debugger on version 7.0.4 it will show for a fraction of a second debugger attached, but right after it will execute the query without taking in consideration my breakpoints and automatically close the debugger so I can never break and use it inside an aggregate.

Am I doing something wrong ?

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It is very likely that the breakpoint line you set will not be hit. That is, the line is not valid for the debugger. You can try adding a "debugger" statement to the first line of script code to force the debugger to pause on the first line.

NoSQLBooster's debugger can only debug client-side code, not MongoDB server-side code (such as $accumulate).

Just looking at your description, I can't guess your problem. If you want to get help more effectively, please provide complete reproduction steps and a sample script.


Alright thank you for your answer that was indeed the issue, I was under the impression that I could but indeed any breakpoint on server-side code isn't triggered!

Have a good day!

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