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Vadim Voevodin shared this problem 2 years ago

I am on Windows 10, NoSQLBooster v 6.2.17

Performance is very bad, when i want to look thousands of documents. It takes a lot of time to expand fields, especially arrays.

If i will fetch again while those fields are opened - it will take very long time to fetch same data again.

Problem even arises when i want to look 7-10 documents, and each has array with hundred of items.

My CPU is AMD Ryzen 3900X, so it should be very enough for such little amount of data (requests most of the time less than 1 Mb).

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We have worked out a new build to improve performance, please give it a try.

If the amount of docs per page is either too large (such as 1000) or the number of fields in a doc is too many, it may cause the problem of slowing down.

NoSQLBooster uses html+css+javascript 's UI technology, and the reflow of the page is really a problem. The current UI architecture does have performance problems with too many dom elements.

It is difficult to solve this problem in the short term, and one solution that can be bypassed is to reduce paging data. In the case of a large number of fields, I suggest that the paging data should be less than 100.

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