Cannot edit documents in the Result tab

Pascal Heitz shared this question 2 years ago

When running the default query







we get the possibility to edit the document on the Result tab, and the modified documents get saved. This is very convenient.

However, my query involved multiple documents across multiple collections.

Because of that, the documents displayed in the result tab seem to be read-only, and I cannot use this very convenient "edit-on-the-fly" feature.

In theory, nothing should prevent me to do so, since all documents are referenced with an `_id`, so the editor cannot really edit the wrong document.

I understand this could lead to dangerous behaviors, if the documents are modified before they land in the result tab. However my situation is very simple, and my query doesn't modify anything.

Is there a way to make the "edit-on-the-fly" work with a non-defaut query?

Thank you

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To modify a document, you need to know at least the name of the database/collection in addition to knowing the _ id field.

The current design requires that the data returned must be a query cursor.

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