Right-Click Drop User or Drop role appears to try and drop from the wrong database.

John Polansky shared this problem 3 years ago

If you have a mongo database with multiple databases and users in different databases. It appears when you use the "global users" tree to select drop user it appears to be trying to delete the user from the 'admin' database instead of the correct database.

This also appears broken on Roles too.



Notice how even when i picked 'bug.userAdmin' the dialog is showing the 'admin' database.. and when u click ok.. u get a nasty surprise as i found out.. as POOF it deletes the user from the wrong database.. i actually managed to delete my 'admin' user due to this bug.. so PLEASE if we can get this fixed as this is a very scary bug.

It's just a "guess" but i wonder if it's it's "assuming" all the users listed in the "global users tree" are from the database of the "first" database.


NSB: 6.1.4

OSX: 10.15.6 (19G2021)

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We have worked out a hot-fix(6.1.5) to resolve this issue, please download and give it a try.



Very nice, yes 6.1.5 has a fix for it. Tested both users and roles. Thank you!

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