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NoSQLbooster version 7.1 is hanging to connect Mongodb

Thomas shared this problem 14 months ago

NoSQLbooster version 7.1 is hanging to connect Mongodb. The version nosqlbooster4mongo-7.0.3 was working fine. After getting it auto upgraded, getting the connection is based on luck. I need to try two or three times to get it connected to mongodb. From mongosh I can connect to clusters without delay.

I created a mongo support ticket 01011325 to check about the issue. They clearly identified that the problem is with NoSQLbooster .

I send mail to <> and send them the test connection report as they asked. But they are not able to identify the issue. There is no issues on the connection parameters given because some time the connection is work fine with out making any change.

Please try to help on this issue.




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